Component Sourcing

Delivering the part you need is our first priority. In addition to our extensive in-house inventory, the buyers at Greystone utilize an extensive supplier and OEM database with links to both foreign and domestic sources to obtain your parts. Try our Part Search engine and you can see what we have in stock or available to us, it's just that easy! Same Day Shipping (SDS): orders received by 2:00pm on in-house inventory will ship same day.

Inventory Liquidation Services

If you are a manufacturing organization, you probably have a sizeable quantity of excess inventory sitting on your shelves taking up space and costing you money. Greystone can help maximize your return and increase cash flow on this inventory by providing a selling service using our inventory consignment program. Through this consignment program your organization retains ownership of the inventory and collects checks as the inventory is sold off. If this is not an option, and the inventory must be sold, contact us and we will offer you a competitive bid. Otherwise, please call and we can discuss a plan that best suits your needs and goals.

Compliance Screening

Components tested by independent labs offers your organization turn key delivery of components tested to your and/or the manufacturers specifications. Some of the specifications include: compliance screening complete with X-ray film images, commercial and industrial temperature, speed grade and/or functionality. Compliance testing is also a viable solution to qualify pin compatible devices as a second source for your obsolete and discontinued components. Greystone will work with your engineers to test to your components specifications.

Tape and Reel/Programming

Greystone also offers turnkey and quick turn delivery for most of your programming and tape and reel needs, including: PROMs, FLASH, MICROs, PALs, CPLDs and FPGAs in small or large quantities.

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